• Location / Venice, California
  • Material / Independence Mall Marble / Hand-tooled Turn-of-the-century Bluestone Pavers / Reclaimed Ipe from the Coney Island Boardwalk
  • gjusta.com
“Combining these resources from the East Coast and reusing them in this way is very California. I love being connected to the source.” Travis Lett, The New York Times
  • Venice, California Bungalow

  • Venice, California Bungalow

Travis Lett – the Gjusta, GTA, and Gjelina chef – looked to Provenance to provide reclaimed materials for his Venice, California home. Bon Appetit tapped Lett as one of the country’s best chefs and his haven is as fresh and vibrant as his of-the-moment California cuisine. His trio of restaurants attracts the West Coast’s health-conscious cool kids with artisanal breads, kale smoothies, and plenty of vegetable-based cuisine.

As a Morristown, N.J. native, he instantly felt an affinity for materials from the East Coast. He zeroed in on our old-face ipe that once made up Coney Island’s storied boardwalk. Weathered by sand and saltwater, the reclaimed wood flooring covers the main living space, bedroom, and bathroom. And because of its insect-resistant quality, it even extends out to the terrace. Hand-tooled bluestone from the sidewalks of a turn-of-the-century Philadelphia neighborhood spans the kitchen floor and patio – an oasis lush with tropical foliage. And if you’re wondering where the renowned chef eats when he’s not at work, it’s at a table made of Provenance’s Independence Mall marble.

Venice California Bungalow with Ipe Flooring
Venice, California Bungalow
Venice bungalow with bluestone pavers