wm mulherins sons

  • Location / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Material / Independence Mall Marble / Pebbled Safety Glass / Reclaimed Banker’s Light / Industrial Mixing Bowls / Banquette Seating
  • Designer / Stokes Architecture
  • wmmulherinssons.com
Wm. Mulherin’s Sons is incredibly chic, the structure of the old building restored to immaculate condition, a giant skylight added, and historic fixtures replicated and honored ... It’s a painstakingly crafted place, so perfectly perfumed with woodsmoke, so beautiful and on-trend that it makes your teeth ache. ” Emily Teel, Philadelphia Magazine
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There’s magic happening on a corner in Fishtown. National magazine editors and locals alike can’t stop talking about Wm. Mulherin’s Sons. Need proof? Bon Appetit included it on its list of 50 best new restaurants of 2016. Must be the wood-fired pizza and the best cauliflower you’ve ever eaten (seriously, cauliflower). Named after the distilling company that once bottled its whiskey in the same building, it’s evidence of the neighborhood’s industrious past and glossy future.

But once you put down your fork, you’ll realize much of the magic comes from the atmosphere. Designed by architect Richard Stokes, the process unfolded over many months. Details like warm-toned wood paneling, tiny pots of succulents, and a tile floor inlaid with the name of the whiskey company’s best-selling rye make it all worth the wait.

Step through the entryway and and you’ll see hostesses holding court behind a counter of Provenance’s Independence Mall marble. The same classic material was used for the chef’s station, where cooks prep pizzas before shuttling them into the wood-fired oven. A banker’s light from a church on La Salle University’s campus hangs above, shining down on their busy hands. Lucky enough to snag a spot in the main dining room? You’ll sit beneath a glowing skylight made of pebbled safety glass that Provenance pulled from a local factory.

Now, back to that cauliflower.

wm mulherins son lighting
wm mulherins entryway