Bluecadet Interactive

  • Location / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Material / Mixed Reclaimed Floor / Custom Desks and Partitions
In Philadelphia's own Fishtown neighborhood, Provenance Companies helped Bluecadet create an office environment worthy of their Emmy Award-winning digital design agency.

For our favorite “approachable perfectionists,” Provenance provided a range of services from design to fabrication to installation.

Drawing from a palette of steel and black walnut, Provenance designed and fabricated desks, partitions and planters to furnish the office. A custom two-part finish was used on the walnut to reveal its full character and processing. For the private offices, Provenance built executive desks made from hand-selected black walnut slabs and reclaimed industrial table legs.

Throughout the 8,400-square-foot office, Provenance provided and installed reclaimed hardwood flooring that showcased multiple species and textures. Unified under a refined finish, this mix proudly displays a wealth of natural variation, and creates a beautiful counterpoint to the digital work taking place above.