It takes a lot for a restaurant table to hold up to hundreds of daily specials and happy hours. Luckily, we’ve become pros at crafting tables that do just that. We believe in overbuilding to prevent issues down the road such as cupping and warping. That’s why you’ll find Provenance’s products at places such as City Tap House, the brew pub with locations popping up across the country and Bardea, a sleek cafe in Wilmington, D.E.’s revitalized downtown area. Even after years of use, these tables still look new.

It all starts with selecting materials appropriate for high volume settings. Because we have an extensive inventory, we’re able to find the right wood for your project. Plus, classics such as reclaimed pine and oak are always in style. Next, channels are routed out on the underside of each top and internal steel bars are inserted for added rigidity and support. Since crumbs are a given in any restaurant setting, we seal each knot with fill to ensure a food-safe surface. Commercial grade finish protects the surface from spills. And because nothing takes the place of hand-finishing, each table is given a careful once-over to ensure it’s completely smooth. You can count on a spot where diners feel comfortable from their very first drink all the way through dessert.

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