provenance salvage site

With more than a decade of experience, Provenance has the know-how to salvage objects from the most challenging environments. Our team has the proper equipment and insurance to safely remove objects from both exterior and interior spaces. We can also evaluate sites to identify materials that are worth saving. Our crew throughout the country. Past projects include a landmark warehouse on Brooklyn’s waterfront, New York City’s beloved boardwalk, and many historic houses of worship. As the fabric of our cities change with redevelopment, it’s an honor to give these materials from the past a new life.

If you’ve ever wondered what it looks inside a salvage site, here’s your chance to get first-hand look. On a stiflingly hot midsummer day, we ventured into a West Philadelphia church. The Gothic Revival cathedral was built in 1887 and stretched across a city block. Though it was once an integral part of the community, much of the building lay vacant for 14 years. With hoists, headlamps, and plenty of sheer manpower, our rigging team pulled chandeliers originally fitted for gas from towering ceiling. It’s easy to see that amongst the dust and rubble there was beauty in the wreckage.