Vincera Foundation

  • Location / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Material / Sinker Pine from Baltimore Harbor, Sinker Spruce from Schuylkill County
Salvaged materials create a sophisticated space for this cutting-edge sports medicine research facility.

A non-profit headquarters with elegant warmth

When Vincera Foundation moved to the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, the organization looked to created a sense of comfort and beauty in their new headquarters for core and sports medicine. The team at Provenance supplied storm-salvaged sinker pine from Baltimore Harbor as well as sinker spruce from Schuykill County. The sinker spruce, now prominently featured in the office, was originally a part of a crib style dam that was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd. These reclaimed woods line the walls, ceilings and tables for a warm, elevated feeling. “Committed to the core,” Vincera Foundation now has an inspiring headquarters for their incredible expertise and leadership in the field.