St Anselm Herringbone Flooring

  • Location / Washington, D.C.
  • Material / Reclaimed Oak Flooring / Sinker Pine Paneling with Custom Profile / Reclaimed Spindles
Reclaimed touches round out the classic-meets-quirky atmosphere.
  • Saint Anselm Booths

  • Saint Anselm Dc

  • Saint Anselm Bar

Located in D.C.’s Union Market neighborhood, the Stokes Architecture-designed space riffs on iconic eating clubs where literary and theater crowds once gathered. Classic elements (American flags, a taxidermied touch or two) mingle with a hint of quirk (sequined fez hats, fraternal order banners). Headed up by restaurateurs Joe Carroll and Stephen Starr, this is the second outpost of the popular steakhouse that debuted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Provenance’s materials have been used in numerous Starr projects including the down-home Fette Sau and unapologetically posh Le Coucou. St. Anselm is just another example of how reclaimed materials instantly add a lived-in richness.

Provenance’s reclaimed oak herringbone flooring unifies the 7,000-square-foot space, playing off Oriental rugs and a checkerboard of red and white tiles. Spindles reclaimed from a Philadelphia church give dimension to the U-shaped bar outfitted with elk tap pulls. A coat of black paint creates a play of shadows and contrasts with the colorful bar stools.

Guests desiring privacy can cozy up in velvet curtained booths that line the dining room. Each one is paneled in Provenance’s reclaimed wood. The team at Stokes Architecture was drawn to the idea of vintage beadboard and used Provenance’s sinker pine to mimic the look. Each board was milled with a custom profile to resemble wood salvaged from the late H. Richard Dietrich Jr.’s estate, who was one of the most renowned collectors of Americana. Provenance created custom blades to replicate the unique grooves, and then worked up a stain to saturate the wood in rich tones. The boards also accent the 12-seat chef’s counter. With its mix of charming details, there’s no doubt D.C.’s discerning diners will appreciate St. Anselm’s stately, yet playful atmosphere.