Barbuzzo Interior


  • Location / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Material / Salvaged Baltimore Harbor Pier Pylons / Salvaged Schuylkill River Sinker Spruce / Steel Boxes / Pew Seating from the Transfiguration Church in West Philadelphia
“Barbuzzo represents a clear step up in almost every way, from the appealing urban farmhouse motif with weathered gray salvaged wood, chandeliers made from wine-barrel staves, and a pale blue barn door adding a rustic touch that speaks to the food, to their first crack at a liquor license.” Craig LaBan, Inquirer Restaurant Critic

When culinary luminaries Chef Marcie Turney and partner Valerie Safran introduced their newest high casual concept, Barbuzzo, they came to Provenance to help bring their vision into reality.

The design and materials reflected the duo’s recent trips to the Mediterranean coast, which also inspired the locally-sourced menu. The result was a refined rusticity that showcases the value inherent in locally reclaimed materials and creative repurposing

Barbuzzo features sinker spruce tables reclaimed from a Schuylkill River dam foundation, pew seating from the Transfiguration Church in West Philadelphia. Provenance made custom fabricated steel boxes to fit into the grey siding, clad the pizza oven and back bar in sheet metal, designed custom shelving, and enhanced the lighting fixtures with custom hardware.

Barbuzzo Interior Detail
Barbuzzo Interior Detail