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  • Characterized by a tight grain pattern and oxidized nail holes, our resawn heart pine is a sleek take on a centuries-old material. By passing it through a bandsaw, we reveal a clean face, rich amber hue, and years of growth rings. Or for a uniform look that still showcases the beam’s original patina, choose our hit or miss option.

    What exactly is heart pine? It’s the inner core – also known as heartwood – at the center of longleaf yellow pine trees. The amount of heart pine in a tree trunk grows with each passing year, increasing the wood’s density. Because much of Provenance’s antique reclaimed heart pine is from the 1800s, you can imagine how durable our beams and joists are.

    Provenance treats its beams like a work of art, putting each one through a rigorous process before it reaches you. We whisk debris from the surface, remove hardware left over from the original structure, and then kiln dry them to eliminate insects lurking inside. We also offer a variety of finishes to suit your project.

    Reclaimed beams are 100% FSC-certified recycled and eligible for LEED Credits.

  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" up to 11.5" x 11.5". Lengths out to 30' plus.
  • Quantity: Please call for availability.
  • Price: Please call for price.