reclaimed mushroom wood

What exactly is mushroom wood? Boards made of softwood often serve as the foundation for mushroom growing bins. Over time, mushroom enzymes erode the planks and create a deeply sculpted surface. This unique material works in rustic and sophisticated spaces alike. Here’s three ways clients incorporated it into their restaurants.

At MTN, the Venice Beach izakaya, mushroom wood covers the facade with dramatic knots and grain. To create a seamless environment, the paneling was used throughout the dining room as well. Its ebonized surface resembles shou sugi ban, an ancient Japanese wood charring technique. Nomad Pizza embraced the wood’s charmingly craggy texture for its Princeton, N.J. outpost, using it as the background for a mural of its famed REO Speedwagon. And at Crow’s Nest, the Montauk getaway spot, mushroom wood boards were nestled between reclaimed rafters to add texture to the ceiling.

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