La Colombe Flagship Coffeeshop

  • Material / Custom Coffee Tables with Reclaimed Oak Tops and Factory Cart Bases / Red Oak from Local Water Tanks / Rustic White Oak Flooring / Reclaimed Lath
Countless designers and architects have incorporated Provenance's materials into restaurants across the country. Watch this space to see where they end up next.
  • La Colombe

  • Mission Taqueria

  • Mission Taqueria neon skylight

Though it’s now a favorite around the world, La Colombe got its start in Philadelphia. And lucky for us, the coffee company’s headquarters are just a few blocks away. The flagship buzzes with energy from the corporate office and 150-seat cafe. Mothers with toddlers in tow and neighborhood hipsters alike balance their cappuccinos on factory carts with industrial wheels and custom oak tops built by Provenance. We also turned redwood from local water tanks into barn doors that lead to the office and the micro-distillery where coffee-infused rum is made. Upstairs in the cupping lab, rustic white oak covers the floors.

Chrysalis Studio’s Hope Velocette created a space that evoked owner Sam Mink’s memories of Mexico and San Francisco’s Mission District. Narrow strips of whitewashed reclaimed lath provide texture on the stairwell, skylights, and walls. The wood’s subdued tones are as soothing as a cup of horchata against the restaurant’s pink neon lights and patterned tile. Be sure to sidle into the tiny courtyard where a neon-haloed Madonna statue gives her blessing to the revelers sipping margaritas well into the night.

La Colombe flagship office door