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  • We consider our jatoba stair treads a priceless piece of New York City history. The tropical hardwood once served as the support structure for the boardwalks that stretched along the Atlantic coastline. In recent years, several of the vintage walkways have been demolished. Luckily, Provenance reclaimed a portion of the boardwalk that stretched from Coney Island to Far Rockaway. Even with decades of exposure to the extreme conditions of the shore, the wood has stood the test of time.

    Our jatoba treads are composed of just one solid plank, so there’s zero flex or bend. We coat each one with urethanes—a finish used on yachts—to make them darn near indestructible. It also deepens the wood to a rich hue and brings out its dramatic texture. Another reason jatoba is ideal for treads? It’s one of the hardest woods on the Janka Scale.